Any donations received go to development projects and to help subsidize production costs to save on overall costs on a production build which may be available on the site. Since I charge NOTHING! $0 For the work I produce and offer projects at parts value I make no overheads to cope with demand and pre ordering of parts for projects on offer. which ultimately costs the end user a much larger wait time frame for there product to be made and received 

I know devices for I.T.C Are very costly to the investigator or groups who enjoy ITC Equipment which is I we strive on bringing the best low cost tech on a non profit organisation. I want to try and help others with the kind generosity of donation based funding to produce at a much lower cost that the retail parts are sought at.  And in some instances help those who cannot afford even the most basic equipment to Own something which we can donate to there group/or sole investigation purposes.


As a Huge fanatic of paranormal and ITC Science for many years now, I truly want others to enjoy the experiences I have had in the field without being scammed by the many con artists in this field, 


With my own limited resources I opt to donate my free time and spare cash from my own pocket to help in this venture, And try to get as many of my devices out into the field as possible, With your help this can be done more efficiently and swiftly Also as Cheaply possible. 

If you think you can help, you can Donate any sum you wish below. All donations are view able to the site visitors and the amounts donated. This way you can see how much help I get to give back to the Community. 


Any help will greatly be appreciated and will be put to great use to help others.


Best regards AppyDroid Development.