AppyDroid started off Officially in 2007 with EVP Recorder & Detector App Which was simply to replace a recorder which I sold when I lost interest in Paranormal a few years prior. I have been interested in Paranormal activity since the early age of 15 And got interested in EVP Science when I was At university studying for IT And computer science and Computer maintenance, Hearing local Ghost stories and having activity in my Own home led me into the practice of EVP Research and ITC With custom made equipment. Having a PC At the time meant I could establish EVP On recordings and set up my Own sound Lab for experiments And over the years gathering many EVPs in the sessions conducted. These Experiments have never been published due to many of them containing Voices and messages from my deceased Parents which I will treasure until I leave this world behind. 


Things got serious around 2005-2007 when Activity had grown on our house, Things were thrown, Kids awakened screaming and seeing things, Funny smells, Things Captured on CCTV Which we had installed through the home to try and capture these weird events. We even had 4 spontaneous Fires occur in the Kitchen area, Toasters click on, Things fall on the stove whilst cooking. Many unexplained events which I tried to capture as Evidence. And so the EVP Recorder & Detector was born to aid my own research. Soon after it was published on various paranormal outlets and development forums as a test. It was claimed it was also featured on a GHOST Hunting program after being contacted by a producer in 2010. I agree to have the program Aired but never heard back after this. A month or so later it gathered 125,000 Downloads from my link in 2-3 days. And then decided in 2011 to publish it to google play where my huge userbase quickly downloaded the Official release seeing it claim 100k downloads in a very short time. Many discussions and information passed with the users to secure a relationship with the core user base made the App the success it is today, Many ideas from all over the Globe was put into the App with over 64 Updates released and many upgrades and patches and special holiday editions made Gave the Users a feel this was there App. They helped shape it into what it is! Never before had I ventured into such a huge scale project with such love and support from like-minded users around the world. The App recently surpassed 500k Downloads and is currently fast approaching 1 million downloads with a huge minority of this still active users since day-1. 

Soon after the publication of EVP Recorder people wanted to know if I could build a Ghost box App. Not keen on the idea at first I tried to build the first-ever Live Ghost box using IP Streaming and a noise generator to mimic the effects of a real Ghost box, Most of the App Ghost boxes at the time were Bank based using MP3 Players to give the sound. So this really was a challenge to pull off something different. This App was an instant success and people Loved using it. It was Highly featured by meany Youtubers Throck paranormal, Kevin Himes, Grieg Manchester and many more. It also became a regular Hit On Doby's Ghosties Live stream show Where it accurately was used in many conversational sessions including the summoning of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and other crazy experiments where the App would confirm and often converse with Doby on regular occasions. Doby's channel can be found here where many of these great sessions still remain https://www.youtube.com/user/Doby.

In my opinion, Doby was the only user to really understand this App and was able to somehow use it to her Advantage giving clear communication on most occasions. Many other users pulled off some great sessions on youtube using this App and many of the others we produced. 1000's of user videos can be found here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=appydroid 

I have since built many Apps listed on our play store and collaborated and built many Custom Apps for many investigators and teams in the past 4 years. One of the biggest ventures was the UNITY Project where I taught many interested people the logic of App development so they could too be a contributor to the App research. And many of them now offer there own Apps on google play Such as Brian holloway, Javier sans, And many more!  

Just look for the ITC Trusted App logo when searching for Paranormal Apps. Which are all trusted in the community.

The UNITY PROJECT Was sadly closed due to a lack of time to commit to the project. And previous source code versions will be posted here very soon with a getting started guide so look out for this in the near future.

Since early 2016. I have become more passionate about the Physical ITC Equipment, Inventing and creating many Alternative Ghost boxes and other sophisticated gear such as Laser transmission microphones, EMF Induction mic/speakers. Robotics in Ghost boxes and much more. Sourcing new hackable radio or modifying them with signal generators which were previously only possible on early digital radio or analog radio, I spend a lot of money on researching radio and getting them to scan like a Ghost box and on the other items I have produced. A full write up will be available soon on the items produced and have been donated to the paranormal community's.

My sole aim is not to make money from the community nor be a famous person. I simply want to be recognized for the contributions to the community and help others with the information I gather on the way! 


I also want to thank everyone who has followed my journey and shown love and support. this is truly what keeps me doing what I do.

I am very passionate about my work and also very blessed to have known so many like-minded people and learn from others doing amazing work. Keep being awesome!!!! :) 


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